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The Highlands area heats up in sales

Bella Vista's The Highlands area has seen a marked increase in vacant lot sales as of late thanks to the Bella Vista bypass that has recently been completed.

Builders are branching out from their usual recipe for speculation construction, which includes the areas east of Highway 49/71 and those parts west of the highway that the Bentonville School District encompasses.

We are selling many vacant lots in Highlands now.  If you own one and have considered selling in the past, or even tried to sell without much luck, then you might consider trying now.

 Popular areas include the Lockhart and Cannich subdivisions, and anything close to the bypass, but really all areas that have some level lots are doing better now.

 Contact Mike Carey at for more information or to inquire about your particular lot.

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Bella Vista Bike Trails

What a beautiful addition to Bella Vista : 'The Back 40' bike trails.  I have already received dozens of call from people wanting to build on or own vacant lots that are bordering or near the Bella Vista Bike Trails.

If you have interest in seeing about purchasing a vacant lot near the Bella Vista Bike Trails then please let me know.  I would be happy to research and call the owners, or see about any listings that I currently have that would match.

You can email me at :
Call or text to : 479-644-4109

Here is a map of the Back 40 Bike Trails:

New highway could impact your Bella Vista property

Bella Vista, AR:  A new highway bypass has been under construction for years around the entire western section of Bella Vista, Arkansas.  This section is located west of Highway 49 (71), and includes the far west area known as The Highlands.  

In my experience, it has been more difficult to sell a lot located in The Highlands.  Out of our 7000 lot transactions, I would say that less than 5% have been for land located in The Highlands area.  School district and access to Bentonville & Rogers have been the main reason people have preferred other areas.  I feel that changing.
Now, with this new highway nearing completion, I feel that the Highlands area will come into demand for vacant Bella Vista lots.  The highway will tie into key areas of Bella Vista, granting real access to once cut off areas.  

If you own one of the lots out in the Highlands, or even on the west side of Hwy. 71, and are interested in listing your Bella Vista land for sale, then contact me at

Getting to know Bella Vista subdivisions

Bella Vista uses a unique number code to identify each subdivision.  If you currently own property here then you may have noticed this number code on your POA statements over the years.

Each number listed on your lot description represents either the lot, block, or this subdivision number.  Usually, the first number or set of digits represents the subdivision, such as 006-xxxxxxxx   or 028-xxxxxxxx  etc.

Feel free to contact me regarding your lot if you are wondering if it in an area that is desirable in this market.  Mike Carey, call or text : 479-644-4109

If you are unsure of which lot you own but you have the POA statement that you receive for your dues, then feel free to use this reference sheet to identify the lot.  Look at the first digits on your POA card or invoice for dues and match it with the corresponding subdivision below.

It is a bit difficult to read, so click on it and zoom in.  Click the picture of this sheet I scanned in and it should open in a new browser tab, then…

Need a builder for your Bella Vista new house?

Bella Vista Builders

I work with three builders in-house and a handful of builders outside our company that I trust.  I have seen their work, their diligence, and their follow up on the warranty over the sixteen years that I've been doing this, and that is how I judge their dependability.

Usually we try to identify what you want in the house, in the land, and in the neighborhood first.  I can come up with some possible lot selections if you do not already own one, or we can sell your current lot and find a more desirable area for you.

Many changes have happened in the Bella Vista building market, including having sewer installed in many new areas, roads paved, highway access being introduced to some new areas, etc.  It's paramount that you are satisfied with the area first, then the lot, then the house.

Access to roads, restaurants, schools, places of work and the like are key factors when considering building new construction in Bella Vista.  We have three school districts…

Bella Vista bypass highway coming

Bella Vista bypass

So by now I feel that everybody has heard about the upcoming bypass highway. Construction has been underway for quite some time planning was underway for even longer. But finally things look like they're coming toward success.
I really feel that this impacts a lot of us who are lots in the highlands area of Bellavista especially those on the southern side. I think with this new access it'll make lots more desirable in that area.

I know that in my 15 years of experience one of the major drawbacks of owning land on the western side of Bella Vista is a lack of access. This new bypass hopefully will solve that problem. Not only that but I think that the congestion is so terribly bad now at 8 AM and 5 PM that this highway is going to be A blessing for the area.

This is great news for those lot owners who have had their property for twenty or thirty years and have not either used it or been able to sell it.  And for those already living in the Highlands, who have to d…