Frequently Asked Questions about Bella Vista Land:
  • How do I find the lot that I want when there are so many parcels of Bella Vista land from which to choose?  Think about what sort of house you want first.  Do you want a sloped lot for a basement and some good views and drainage or a level lot because you might have children that want a back yard? How large of a house and how many bedrooms?  Required septic system sizes are based off of the number of intended bedrooms.  Is school district a concern; there are three different ones here in Bella Vista.  How about neighbors... do you prefer a community neighborhood feel or do you want some breathing space?  Let me know these choices and I can hone the choices way down and present some good choices to consider.
  • How hard is it to make an offer and do the closing on a vacant lot?  It is really quite easy actually.  Offers can be made by just calling, texting, or emailing me.  Once we have an agreed up on sales price, then I will put it in writing for both sides to sign.  Signing is done completely online nowadays so it is hassle-free. Closings are done by a local closing/escrow company located right here in Bella Vista.  If you are out of the area or are just too busy to attend a closing, then the documents can be either emailed or directly mailed to you for execution.
  • What assurances do I have that the lot I purchase will be free and clear?  Each lot that I sell is put through a complete title search that reveals any outstanding liens or encumbrances.  Any past Property Owner's Association dues or Benton County Taxes are mandated to be paid for by the seller so that the buyer gets free and clear title.  Title insurance is also issued through the closing process, further ensuring your title against all future claims or any oversights made by the title company.
  • What obligations will I have once I complete the purchase of a Bella Vista vacant lot?  Once you are an official owner of land in Bella Vista, you are obligated to pay Property Owner's dues in the amount of $16 per month.  You are also obligated to pay yearly taxes on the property, usually around $60 to $100 depending on the lot. Lakefront and golf-front lots are taxed at a higher rate; they run anywhere from $200 to $700 annually.  Benton County taxes in arrears, so each year you would pay the taxes for the previous year.  During the purchase of a Bella Vista lot process, these figures are prorated and adjusted to the expected closing date.  If you are a seller and have prepaid any POA dues, then you will receive a credit on your final check.
  • The lots in Bella Vista are not marked by any number system so how can I tell which lot is which?  I have all the plat maps of each lot in Bella Vista, as well as aerials photographs with each parcel outlined. While these are not exact to the inch, they do give us a very good idea of the location of the lot, especially if there are natural or man-made structures to gauge the location, such as a lot located next to an existing home or a telephone pole or junction, or lots that are on the corner or next to a corner lot.
  • But how can I be absolutely assured that the lot I am wanting to buy is where I think it is?  For this we cannot rely on any real estate agent, including me.  We try to provide all the data we can but we can not guarantee the exact location, so we put conditions in the contract that protect you, such as having to have the corners of the lot marked by a professional surveyor prior to closing.  Contracts can be written to suit the person making the offer, so as a buyer you can ask the seller to pay for the survey and we can make the entire deal contingent on your complete satisfaction with the result.
  • What is the deal with septic systems in Bella Vista?  Most of the vacant lots in Bella Vista will require a septic system to be installed if you decide to build.  There are certain areas that have access to central sewer, but they are not common.  For the other 95% of lots it is advisable as part of the offer to stipulate that a soil test be conducted by a professional soil scientist to determine the needed space for the septic layout.  The soil professional will dig a hole on the lot that they feel is the most likely spot for the septic system and they will read the water tables and soil layers. They will produce a written report indicating how many linear feet of septic lines will be required per bedroom.  So the more bedrooms you want, the larger the septic field will need to be, and possibly the lot will need to be larger.  The soil test is also a contingency in the contract, so a buyer has to be completely satisfied with the result or else he can back out.
  • If I purchase a lot in Bella Vista, do I have a certain time limit in which I have to build?  No. You can hold the lot as long as you like without building or you can re-sell it.
  • What are the main costs associated with building in Bella Vista?  Bella Vista does not have a 'buy-in' fee, but they do charge a hefty sum for a water tap that allows you to hook into city water.  Each lot has water at the street available.  Normal permit fees and other miscellaneous costs are in play as well. I encourage each buyer to speak with our POA or Architectural Control Committee to get specifics on this.  Another thing to keep in mind is that most Bella Vista lot lay in their natural state, so one would need to clear and grade the lot.
  • How do lots in Bella Vista compare to lots in neighboring cities?   Bella Vista lots are usually significantly less expensive than lots in Bentonville or Rogers, for example.  I recently purchased four lots in Bentonville for $26,500 each.  You can get a pretty decent lot in Bella Vista for $12,000 or less as of now.  Lake lots in Bella Vista range from $35,000 to $250,000.  Golf front lots typically go for between $15,000 and $50,000.
These answers are all just my own opinion. I encourage everybody to verify facts and figures.  I would be happy to help you out in the purchase or sale of a Bella Vista property.  You can call or text or email me:

Mike Carey


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