Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bella Vista Land for Sale

Bella Vista vacant lot has water at the street

Bella Vista Land for sale      

I have several services available for those of you looking to either sell or buy Bella Vista land.  I would be happy to list or evaluate your current property, and/or advise on the lot's features.  There are many lots in Bella Vista, about 38,000.  Most of these vacant building lots are still vacant.  They all have street to them (or had at one time) and have underground water to them.  Many people enjoy the quietness of our community.

Identifying your Bella Vista Lot

All lots in Bella Vista have a lot number, a block number, and a subdivision name or number.  Our local POA issues membership card numbers using the subdivision number first, followed by the block, and then the lot number.  For example, a lot located in the Warwick subdivision would have the number 82 (that is the code for Warwick).  Lot 2 block 4 of Warwick would read similar to this on your POA card : 082-004-002.

Bella Vista is so beautiful
You obviously won't have the conversion chart to see what the code number is for each of our 311 subdivisions, but I have it and can help you, or the POA also can convert that for you.

Evaluating your Bella Vista Lot

All Bella Vista Lots have a roadbed
Putting a value on your lot can be tough, but I would be happy to assist.  Although we are not appraisers, I can offer you  my personal opinion based on similar sales and my experience.  Typically I will drive out to view your lot and then contact you to speak about the features and marketing of it.

Information on your Lot :

All that I need from you is your membership number, name, and contact information.  Feel free to include any additional information that you would like for me to know.
My email address is  

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