Monday, January 14, 2013

Bella Vista Lots

Bella Vista Vacant Lots
By Mike Carey

Custom Land Searches and Helping You to find Your Lot

I have all the names of the Bella Vista land owners on my computer and so I can conduct customized property searches for you if you are considering purchasing lots that may be adjacent to your current home or to one that you have you are considering buying. I have listed and sole thousands of Bella Vista lots so can confidently give you information on any lot in the village. Additionally, I have access to all of the Bella Vista plat maps and lot sizes. On most of the plat maps the dimensions are clearly written but on some the side dimensions are omitted.

Also, the information that I have accumulated can help me find out which lot you own if you are wanting to sell and are not sure of the exact legal description of your property.

All lots are subdivided and platted and make up our Bella Vista Village, complete with over 300 subdivisions and over 55 square miles of rolling beauty, cliffs, and sunsets.

A little about Bella Vista

All Bella Vista land differs dramatically as you go from area to area because of the terrain changes. Arkansas licensed real estate agent. Bella Vista real estate is truly unique in that it offers it’s landowners full membership rights to all the amenities in the great country village, including golf, tennis, lake activities, dining, clubs, parties, racquetball, basketball, swimming indoors and outdoors, aerobic classes, crafting classes, football clubs by state (for example: the Nebraska Club), walking trails, bike trails, pottery classes, assisted living facilities, new schools for the kids, pet stores and pet hospitals, bars, convenient stores, golf cart sales places, and health care facilities.

This is just a short list of all the things available here in Bella Vista. Bella Vista was initially set up as a retirement community but now has grown into a family atmosphere and now caters to those with growing children and who are part of the work force. New schools and roads are here, homes for every budget, including starter homes, playgrounds and camping sites, youth and teen clubs, a boys and girls club, and new bus routes that include the entire Bella Vista area.

Bella Vista is located just five minutes away from Bentonville AR and ten minutes from Rogers AR, and so we have access to all the great dining and new shops and malls and points of interest. We also have our own new northwest Arkansas airport that is about forty-five minutes away.. enough so that it is close if we need it but not so close that we can hear it.

Remember that if you are considering Bella Vista or any surrounding area, you should look into the policies of the property owners association (POA) that guide the building and other standards associated with Bella Vista. I can help on any of these fronts, especially the lots or with the POA.  Most have acreage available too but even so, I always recommend to my clients to have their own personal due diligence done before purchasing. Specializing in Benton county, including homes and land in Bella Vista, Gravette, Pea Ridge, Rogers, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Fayetteville and Springdale.

Bella Vista Property Search

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