Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bloomberg-BusinessWeek Names Bella Vista BEST PLACE TO RAISE KIDS 2013

Bella Vista has been named the best place to raise kids by Bloomberg-BusinessWeek.  You can read the full article and see the other state's choices here

Bella Vista is no longer a 'retirement community'.  We have schools, playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, basketball courts, golf, and on and on.

Crime is almost non-existent, taxes are relatively low, schools are top-notch, our health care facilities are excellent, our real estate prices are very competitive.

As matter of fact, I would say that our real estate prices would rank nationally for value, based on what you get when you purchase land here.  Our POA dues are only $16 per month (which even beats our sister community of Hot Springs, Arkansas charges $32 per month).   I have searched and searched for any town that can beat our value, based on all the amenities offered, and I have yet to find one.

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