Friday, April 26, 2013

Buy The Vacant Lot Next to Your House

Let me help you buy the vacant Bella Vista lot that is next to your house, even if it is not listed for sale.

Bella Vista is growing fast and the real estate market is making a rebound.  Now is a good time to purchase a lot while the prices are still somewhat low.

  • I am a licensed real estate agent. Formerly, I was Carey Real Estate.
  • I have been selling vacant Bella Vista lots since 1999.
  • I can do all the research necessary to find the land owners.
  • I approach them without disclosing that you are a neighbor (this is key).
  • We use local closing and title companies so everything is done right.
  • The entire transaction can be done through the mail for those out of state owners.

Would you like to have one or more of the lots around your house?  Perhaps you would enjoy putting in a large garden or maybe even a shop.  Maybe the kids or grand-kids could use some more play area.  Or possibly you would just enjoy some breathing room and would like to make sure that a house is not built right next to you.

When we built our house here in Bella Vista, we made an effort to purchase the lots on both sides of us, as well as several lots that are behind us, and we sure are glad that we did because it wasn't long before we went from being the only house on the cul-de-sac to having four neighbors beside us and three homes behind us.

I would love to be able to help you.  I have all the owner's names and addresses.  I would just need to know some basic information in order to get started.  There is no commitment until you sign an offer.

If you are interested then please feel free to contact me :

Mike Carey
email :
iPhone, call or text me : 479-644-4109

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