Monday, September 30, 2013

Green-Space on Every Bella Vista Lot

Did you know that every lot in Bella Vista borders some sort of common area green space?  The lots are all platted into subdivisions throughout the village, and each lot does have some area that it touches upon which no house can be built, although there is quite a variety of forms for these common areas, including easements.

Most lots, however, back up to areas that are still in their natural state. Because the majority of roads here in Bella Vista are cut in on the ridge tops of our hilly terrain, many lots are sloped from the front to the back, and the green space exists behind the lot in the form of natural ravines, creeks, trees, etc.

Notice in this picture how each lot is platted.  Even on lots that would normally back up to one another there is at least a thin strip of area that separates the borders and is community ground.

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