Monday, September 30, 2013

How to See Your Bella Vista Lot from Home

I get lots of phone calls from people who live out of our area who want to get some idea of what their Bella Vista lot is worth and what it looks like.  Many people have not seen their lot in years, and some owners have not been back since purchasing their lot back in the 1960's or 1970's.

There are so many lots here in Bella Vista -- almost 40,000 -- and they are spread out over a huge land area and across over 300 subdivisions.

This can make finding your particular lot insanely difficult, especially if you have not been to the area in quite some time.  On top of that, the lots here are not marked in any meaningful way, so owners are left to the mercy of the POA or a real estate agent who can show them the plat map and give them a marked street map so that they can go try to guess where their lot is.

Try this if you are out of state : go to Google Maps and type in the street that your lot is on, then the city, and state.  If you do not know your street, then just email me or call the POA (479-855-8000) or look at your paperwork.

Example :

Witherby Dr, Bella Vista AR

After you type in the street, city and state, Google Maps will give you an overhead birds-eye view of the area with some random location on the street marked.

If you remember roughly where on the street your lot is located (such as down on the cul-de-sac) then click that area with your mouse -- If you have a mouse wheel then zoom in (or use the ZOOM plus and minus symbols in the map) .... Keep zooming in until the map changes from the overhead view to the actual real life street view.

Now you have to hold down the RIGHT mouse button to rotate the camera.  Click the arrows on the street to move up and down the road. Try to face the camera towards your lot.

Street view of Bella Vista

This allows you to walk around the street and to view the lot. Note that the pictures may not be up to date, they could be from 3 years ago, but this tool can give you a general idea of the area and homes.

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