Monday, December 9, 2013

Bella Vista Lot Packages for Sale starting at $1500 per Lot

I have several group packages of Bella Vista lots for sale for those interested in purchasing multiple lots from single owners in one convenient transaction.
Typical Bella Vista home built on similar lot

View of one of our lakes
Bella Vista in the fall
Overhead map of some Bella Vista lakes
Picture of another beautiful Bella Vista lot
A typical cul-de-sac of lots in Bella Vista
Most Bella Vista land is still in it's natural state
Many Bella Vista homes are surrounded by forest
Typical Bella Vista street
Single transaction purchases of multiple lots can save both the buyer and seller thousands of dollars in transaction fees due to the way that closing and escrow companies structure their fee schedules.  Multiple lots can be recorded from one entity to another on one single deed, and furthermore, many of the miscellaneous closing costs can be grouped together at the very least, or even better: incurred only once.

The lot packages that I have available include groups of 10, 15, 19, 30, 62, and 100.  Lot sellers may entertain offers on part of their inventory should you desire not to purchase a full group.  Each group is a different but single owner.  Lot locations vary.  All lots are in subdivisions and have legal parcel numbers.  All lots are considered part of Bella Vista, and as such each lot has an association fee of sixteen dollars per month, per lot.

Each lot entitles the owner to membership status in our Bella Vista community, which conveys dozens of privileges for our huge selection of amenities, including our eight golf courses and our seven lakes, our tennis courts, our swimming pools, the card and activity clubs, aerobics, etc.  More information on the activities available can be found at the POA website.

Bella Vista POA (property owner's association, aka HOA) does not mandate that you build a structure within a certain amount of time; you can leave them vacant for as long as you like and as long as you pay the $16 per month.  Please check their website for updated policies or fees.

Most lots remain in their natural state; they are treed.  Many lots are sloped from the street backward; others are somewhat level.

Purchasing lots in bulk can be a nice way to invest into our market in one fell swoop, and can save hundreds of man hours in research and inspections.

Please contact me if you have any interest in purchasing multiple lots.

Mike Carey
479 644 4109

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