Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Identify Your Bella Vista Lot Subdivision Number

Finding Your Subdivision

In order to figure out more about the lot you own and it's location, you have to have either the number of the subdivision or the name of the subdivision. The property owner's association here in Bella Vista uses a number chart to identify each of the 311 subdivisions in the village. You can find the number of your subdivision simply by looking at the card that the POA sends you annually, or by looking at your bill from them.

How the POA Documents the Subdivisions

Try to locate your Bella Vista membership card that the POA issues to each landowner.  If you cannot find it, then just look at your bill from them and you will see a code that identifies your lot.  Each code is comprised of three numbers which are separated by dashes (usually).

example : 26-02-017

In this example, the '26' is the identification for the subdivision number.  The second number, the '02' is the block number.  The third number '017' is the lot number.  The 26th subdivision is Flint, so in our example the lot identification would be Lot 17, block 2 of the Flint subdivision.

Note : please do not confuse this number with the county identification, which is a parcel number starting with '16' and ending in three zeros, such as 16-12345-000.

What confuses most people (and me sometimes) is that the POA places lots of unnecessary zeroes in their codes.  The above example could read :


So it does get confusing when the next number in the sequence starts with a zero and the previous number in the sequence ENDS in zero, such as :


This is lot 12, block 3 of the Cargill subdivision.

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