Saturday, December 6, 2014

Build a house on your Bella Vista Land

Build a House on Your Bella Vista Land

We are working with two builders who are offer quality construction at reasonable rates.  Many times, you can have your own home built on your Bella Vista lot for a better price than purchasing an existing house.
I have known and worked with our builders for over twelve years and have gotten to know the quality of their homes.  I also know that if there is ever a problem with the home, then they will be there to fix it for you.  It is difficult to find such assurances when purchasing existing homes.

For those of you who paid a large sum of money for your Bella Vista residential lot, consider building a house to live in or to sell in order to garner the highest and best use of the property.  Let us give you house plans that match your criteria and a quote per foot so you can actively compare your options.

Contact me through email at or call or text me at 479-644-4109

Here are some examples of the quality of work :

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