Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bella Vista bypass highway coming

Bella Vista bypass

Bella Vista's  beautiful Highlands area
So by now I feel that everybody has heard about the upcoming bypass highway. Construction has been underway for quite some time planning was underway for even longer. But finally things look like they're coming toward success.

I really feel that this impacts a lot of us who are lots in the highlands area of Bellavista especially those on the southern side. I think with this new access it'll make lots more desirable in that area.

I know that in my 15 years of experience one of the major drawbacks of owning land on the western side of Bella Vista is a lack of access. This new bypass hopefully will solve that problem. Not only that but I think that the congestion is so terribly bad now at 8 AM and 5 PM that this highway is going to be A blessing for the area.

This is great news for those lot owners who have had their property for twenty or thirty years and have not either used it or been able to sell it.  And for those already living in the Highlands, who have to drive so far and long distances for simple groceries or medical care.  Areas that were for years considered segmented off from the rest of civilization will now come into play, and I am excited about getting these wonderful lots exposed to the market.  So many lots down in the southern parts of the Highlands are extremely nice, including hundreds and hundreds of flat lots - an unusual specimen for Bella Vista.

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