Sunday, October 21, 2018

Tips when purchasing Bella Vista AR land

Bella Vista is so large that it can be overwhelming when looking at property here.  We have nearly 40,000 residential lots spread out over 311 subdivisions that take up over 60 square miles.  So, more than most areas, Bella Vista is especially difficult when searching for vacant lots and land.

It helps to start with some basic framework of what you like and what you don't; and when you do finally zero in on some awesome Bella Vista lots, then the last thing you want (after all that work) is to hit a wall during the purchasing phase.  So be aware of these tips when getting to that stage:

Tips on Purchasing Bella Vista land:

  • Don't be afraid to make lower offer :  Many buyers that I have worked with over the years are afraid of insulting owners when determining initial offering price.  My advice is to go ahead and be brave and make that half-price offer and see what happens.
  • Don't settle on a so-so area so quickly: Keep looking-- trust me, there is a perfect area for you.  Don't want so many neighbors? Don't like so much slope?  Want a different school district?  Wish you could avoid the cluster of school/work traffic on CR-40?  Well, those lots are out there so keep going.
  • Make sure that you get the Lot and Block and Parcel numbers correct.  Bella Vista is super confusing on their vacant lot descriptions -- there are no numbers on the lots, our HOA/POA uses their own, different numbering system, the county uses Parcel numbers, and the real estate agents use MLS numbers.  
  • Make your offer subject to soil test : IF you are not in one of the blessed areas that happen to be on city central sewer, then please, please tell your agent that you need the offer to be contingent on the vacant lot passing the soil test.  In my opinion, it's well worth the $400 to $500 investment for the soil test to make sure that the $4000 to $10,000 purchase is legit.
  • Make your offer subject to a basic survey :  Vacant Bella Vista lots are not marked in any way, so just be to sure, you might think about spending a couple hundred dollars to have a surveyor find and flag the edge pins of the lot so you (and your soil test person!) can see where the lot is.  

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